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Democrats in South Carolina's 1st Congressional District need to read that Mac Deford is a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, lawyer, and graduate of The Citadel.  Mac understands first hand that the attacks on our rights and freedoms are wrong and must be stopped.  


Mac's grandmother was 31 years old when she died from complications from a backroom abortion in pre-Roe v. Wade America. His mother's family was torn apart when was sent into a broken foster care system and didn't see many of her siblings for decades. Mac knows what happened to his family was the result of backwards laws that don't allow women to make the best decisions for them or their families, and will fight to make sure other families don't have to experience Mac's did.


Mac has the broadest coalition of support needed to defeat Nancy Mace in November, so we can:

- Stand up against attacks on women's ability to control their own bodies and reproductive freedoms
- Roll back senseless gun laws and advocate for universal background checks and wait periods.

- Increase teacher pay and improve public schools

- Address infrastructure and climate change related impacts on our community 


Additionally, Democrats in the Savannah Media Market need to read that as the former General Counsel of Hilton Head Island, Mac understands what it takes to deliver for Beaufort County and address everyday quality of life issues. Mac has worked on critical affordable housing initiatives for our workforce, helped to secure millions in beach renourishment projects, and authored local legislation to protect our coastal environment that became law. Mac understands the needs of all communities in Beaufort County, and in Congress, he will deliver to improve our infrastructure, protect the environment, and preserve culturally significant lands, like those within the Gullah Geechee community. 

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