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Mac’s Plan for Attainable Housing

Updated: May 24

The shortage of affordable housing affects everyone, regardless of their housing situation. It leads to fewer workers in the hospitality sector, fewer police officers on our streets, fewer teachers, and fewer graduates who can afford to remain and contribute to the Lowcountry.

Simply put: People should have the ability to live where they work.

Accessible and attainable affordable housing close to work is not just a convenience; it's a necessity that boosts overall quality of life. Ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to live near their workplace enhances community cohesion and supports a sustainable local economy.

As Hilton Head Island’s General Counsel, Mac advised on housing projects, workforce housing initiatives, zoning and infrastructure plans to improve the quality of life for citizens in the region.

Turning Experience into a Plan:

Increase Funding for Affordable Housing

Advocate for increased federal funding for the construction and maintenance of affordable housing units.

Incentivize Private Sector Participation

Expand Housing First Initiatives

Develop Age-Friendly Housing

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