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Mac’s Plan for Gun Violence Prevention

Today, Mac Deford, Democratic candidate for Congress in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District, released a comprehensive gun violence prevention strategy in conjunction with National Gun Violence Awareness Day. The strategy aims to safeguard the community while respecting the rights of responsible gun owners. Deford, a Coast Guard veteran, former federal law enforcement officer, and Citadel graduate, brings a wealth of experience in firearm safety and law enforcement to his approach to reducing gun violence.


In his new policy proposal, Deford outlines several key measures:


  • Universal Background Checks: Closing the Charleston loophole and ensuring that background checks are thorough and mandatory for all firearm purchases.

  • National Red Flag Law Standards: Establishing standards that allows law enforcement to act on court orders to temporarily remove guns from individuals who are deemed to pose a threat to themselves or others.

  • Safe Storage Requirements: Implementing mandatory safe storage laws for firearms and ammunition to prevent accidental discharges and unauthorized use.

  • Gun Owner Safety Training: Ensuring that gun owners understand how to properly use and store firearms.

  • Closing the Charleston Loophole: Preventing the sale of firearms until the background checks are complete.


Mac Deford stated, "As someone who has served on the front lines of protecting our nation, I understand the critical balance between ensuring public safety and upholding constitutional rights. It's time to implement sensible gun safety laws that prevent violence and keep our citizens safe."


Deford’s plan is a direct response to the current congressional representation's lack of action on gun safety. Incumbent Nancy Mace has consistently voted against legislation that would enhance the safety of the Lowcountry’s residents. "Inaction is no longer an option. Unlike Representative Mace, who has repeatedly opposed sensible gun safety regulations, I am committed to taking decisive action that protects our community," added Deford.


This bold initiative underscores Mac Deford’s dedication to leadership on issues of national and community safety and his commitment to bringing his extensive security expertise to Congress.

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