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Mac’s Solution for Improving Infrastructure

Updated: May 24

The Lowcountry faces challenging commutes, inadequate infrastructure, and rising tides. Our current representative is well aware of the risks to our homes, communities, and economy. Yet, she has failed to take bold action to help. Poor infrastructure planning and little upkeep – along with the outright rejection of the very infrastructure bills that could bolster our defenses -- have left us reeling, disaster after more extreme disaster.

As an attorney for the towns of Mount Pleasant and Hilton Head Island, Mac advised on infrastructure laws, secured funding for beach projects, and addressed local ecosystems, helping to draft eco-focused ordinances and resolutions.

Mac addressed land use, zoning, and environmental protection legal issues in Mount Pleasant and Hilton Head Island, focusing on Gullah lands preservation and legal compliance.

Invest in Flood Defense Systems

Support substantial federal investments in robust flood defenses, such as seawalls, and restore wetlands to protect vulnerable areas from rising sea levels and storm surges.

Improve Roads and Bridges

Support Alternative Transportation

Attainable and Sustainable Housing Development

Promote Sustainable Building Practices

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