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Statement on Nancy Mace’s Conduct at House Oversight Committee Hearing

Mount Pleasant, SC – As a Democratic candidate for South Carolina’s First Congressional District and fellow graduate of The Citadel, I feel compelled to address the recent conduct of Rep. Nancy Mace during the House Oversight Committee Hearing on January 10, 2024. 

Nancy Mace’s statements towards Hunter Biden, who was in attendance, were both unprofessional and unbecoming of a member of Congress. Her comments, including telling Mr. Biden “you have no balls” and asserting that he should be “arrested right here, right now and go straight to jail,” were not only disrespectful and degrading but an affront to the basic principles of our legal system. 

Nancy Mace yelling at the hearing
Photo Credit: CNN

Such language and demands for immediate imprisonment without due process undermine the principles of the rule of law that are fundamental to our democracy. They reflect a complete disregard for the decorum expected in congressional proceedings and for the constitutional rights afforded to every citizen. This sort of behavior contributes to the erosion of trust in our political system and respect in political discourse. It is a disservice to the constituents of South Carolina’s First Congressional District and to the integrity of our national political environment. This kind of performative behavior in a setting as serious as a congressional hearing is not only unproductive but also a disservice to the people she is elected to represent. 

As a fellow graduate of The Citadel, I am embarrassed by her consistently violating our core values of Honor, Duty, and Respect that we, as Citadel graduates, have pledged to uphold. The Citadel instills in its graduates a sense of responsibility to act with integrity and respect towards others, regardless of the circumstances. I urge Nancy Mace to reflect on her actions and realign her conduct with the principles she has sworn to uphold.

The citizens of South Carolina’s First Congressional District deserve a representative who will not embarrass them and who will conduct themselves in a manner that South Carolinians can be proud of. I do not believe that any elected official who calls for the arrest and imprisonment of a fellow citizen without due process is fit to serve in public office.

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